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      1. Currency conversion

        The price for this product is US $5450. Default license option: PDF E-mail From Publisher.

        Prices of other license options may differ. Please refer to the following conversion table for prices in other currencies:
        Australia Dollars (AUD)$A 8,043.11
        Canada Dollars (CAD)Can $7,210.90
        China Yuan Renminbi (CNY)RMB ¥38,523.87
        Euro (EUR)€4,942.66
        Hong Kong Dollars (HKD)HK $42,757.43
        Israel New Shekels (ILS)₪19,143.67
        Japan Yen (JPY)¥590,398.50
        Mexico Pesos (MXN)Ps 105,043.30
        Saudi Arabia Riyals (SAR)SR 20,441.32
        Singapore Dollars (SGD)S$7,459.96
        Sweden Kronor (SEK)SEK 53,527.72
        Switzerland Francs (CHF)SFr 5,433.11
        Taiwan New Dollars (TWD)NT $166,715.50
        United Kingdom Pounds (GBP)£4,322.99
        United States Dollars (USD)US $5,450.00

        Currency Conversion is for informational use only. All orders will be processed in U.S. dollars. Credit card charges will be converted to your local currency on your credit card statement. Invoices must be billed and paid in U.S. dollars.

        Currency rates updated daily.