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        Our Company

        MarketResearch.com is the most comprehensive collection of market intelligence products and services on the Web. We offer reports from over 350 top publishers and update our collection daily to provide you with instant online access to the world's most complete and current database of expert insights on global industries, companies, products, and trends.

        Moreover, you always have the option of tapping into the services of our Research Specialists free of charge.

        Our Research Specialists have in-depth knowledge of the publishers and the various types of reports in their respective industries. They will help you refine search parameters, locate the full range of available reports, review the scope and methodology of the reports you choose, and give you informed and objective advice to ensure that you are making the right research purchase decision.

        Whether you're looking for new product trends or competitive analysis of an existing or emerging market, MarketResearch.com has the best research offerings and the expertise to make sure you efficiently get the critical information you need. Don't limit your choices. See why leading companies turn to MarketResearch.com again and again to sharpen their competitive edge.

        In addition, MarketResearch.com's Profound is the only online commitment service that provides buy-by-the-section functionality allowing you to purchase full reports, chapters, charts, graphs and tables to get more from your research dollars.

        MarketResearch.com has been selected by Inc. 5000 Magazine as one of America's fastest growing private companies.


        MarketResearch.com Introduction (Video)


        Company History

        In 1998 Rob Granader combined the Published Products division of FIND/SVP, part of the worldwide SVP network, and FINDEX, the worldwide directory of market research reports, to create Kalorama Information, a future leader in the market research publishing world.

        The Published Products division included the Packaged Facts, FIND/SVP (now KIMR), and SBI brand lines, as well as The Information Catalog®, which was the print predecessor to Marketresearch.com, the current open web service.

        In early 2000, MarketResearch.com raised venture capital to create a research aggregation business. In June 2000, MarketResearch.com acquired Newsletters.com, a Maryland based aggregator of business information. The Newsletters.com infrastructure became the backbone of the Marketresearch.com website that launched in January 2001.

        In January 2003, Marketresearch.com launched MarketResearch.com Academic, a product where, for the first time, college and university students could access the same full research reports that are used in the business world.

        In July 2005, MarketResearch.com acquired its chief online competitor, MindBranch, Inc., in North Adams, Massachusetts, as well as a majority stake in its Korean counterpart Mindbranch Asia Pacific in Seoul, South Korea.

        In September 2006, MarketResearch.com launched its Custom Research offering, allowing clients to get answers to their specific questions not found in a syndicated study. This offering grew dramatically with the acquisition of the Freedonia Custom Research division.

        In May 2007, after five years of chasing, Rob finally made a deal to acquire Profound from Thomson/West. This business, based in London, England, gave MarketResearch.com the tools to create and sell market research reports by the slice.

        In June 2007, MarketResearch.com purchased Simba Information, based in Stamford, Connecticut, the leading authority for market intelligence and forecasts in the information, media, and publishing industries.

        In October, 2011, the publishing division launched the Knowledge Center solution, which provides company-wide access to an entire catalog of industry-specific research reports for one fixed price.

        In July 2013, MarketResearch.com added to its education offerings with the acquisition of Education Market Research, a specialist in the K-12 marketplace.

        In November 2014, MarketResearch.com launched Profound for Individuals, offering cost-effective market research services to start-ups and small businesses.

        In February 2016, MarketResearch.com acquired The Freedonia Group, a global provider of reliable and unbiased market research reports and consulting services for more than 30 years.

        Today, MarketResearch.com is the leading provider of global market intelligence products and services. Revenues are generated from a series of products and services used by more than 89 percent of the Fortune 1000. The business has moved from a pure publisher of market research reports to a provider of broad market research solutions.


        Our Services

        MarketResearch.com offers a variety of business intelligence solutions that are designed to solve your toughest challenges.

        • MarketResearch.com: Get instant online access to the most comprehensive collection of market intelligence products. Our extensive database offers reports from hundreds of leading publishers with expert insights on global industries, products, company profiles, and market trends.
        • Profound: The Profound solution allows customers with diverse needs to buy only the report sections they need, maximizing their research dollars. Users can extract individual sections, tables, charts, or graphs from our comprehensive collection of more than a million market research reports across 700 industry sectors.
        • Industry Studies: With more than 100 years of publishing, Packaged Facts, The Freedonia Group, and Simba Information are the standard in their industries, ranging from food and beverage, to diagnostics, education, packaging, and building materials.
        • Knowledge Center: “All you can eat” access to research on your target market is available from our wildly successful Knowledge Center solution. Users can gain unlimited, company-wide access to a comprehensive catalog of industry-specific market research from publishers including Packaged Facts, Simba, and The Freedonia Group, for one fixed cost.
        • Freedonia Focus Reports: These 25-page reports examine industries at a much higher level than an industry study. Each report is packed with key data and analysis and is the best way to "get smart quickly" on an industry. The Focus Report collection offers the broadest array of off-the-shelf topics available.
        • Custom Research: Sometimes the information found in syndicated reports is not specific enough to support a company's research needs. In those cases, a custom research effort may be in order. MarketResearch.com, through its Freedonia Custom Research arm, provides services tailored to the exact challenge. Whether it is survey work, in-depth interviewing, or a combination of multiple methods, Freedonia Custom Research will match the right methodology and personnel to the business need. Our global team of analysts will gather, analyze, and synthesize the data to accomplish challenging tasks while not setting unrealistic expectations.
        • Academic: Students at more than 125 leading colleges and universities work with the same business critical market research used by professionals on a daily basis via the MarketResearch.com Academic subscription.


        Our Customers

        MarketResearch.com helps business professionals get the right research when they need it most. See what our clients are saying about MarketResearch.com.

        "MarketResearch.com provides access to great data. The staff is always willing to help me find exactly what I need. It’s nice to work with a great group of people who are focused more on understanding my needs than making a sale. It makes my job easier."
        - Scott D. Orleck, The Parthenon Group

        "MarketResearch.com is a great research resource with excellent customer service. My dedicated research assistant maintains regular contact and always lets me know when new reports that apply to my project plans are available. In particular, reports by publisher Packaged Facts are full of interesting, accurate and relevant data that fits my needs. I would recommend MarketResearch.com to anyone!"
        - Terry Farchione, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

        "Your site is straight-forward and easy to navigate. I like the way it is set up compared to other market research sites."
        - Leah Gilesh, Medtronic

        "My life is complicated enough...MarketResearch.com reduced what might have been 2 hours on the computer to 20 minutes."
        - Bill Kelley, Met-Pro

        "Good site for researchers within companies who need information quickly."
        - Keeron Emmanuel, Atlanta Gas Light Co.

        "I have been visiting your site for about two years now. You've made great improvements since I was first introduced to it. It's fast, and very well organized. It doesn't take much time to find what I'm looking for, and that's appreciated."
        - Brenda Turner, Vavricka Juntti and Co.

        "Your support folks are WONDERFUL."
        - Judith Ludwig, Ludwig Frei Associates, Inc.

        "Excellent customer service."
        - David Ferguson, Pockettop

        "I found that MarketResearch.com provided the most comprehensive selection of research reports anywhere. The website made it easy to search, review, and compare different reports from a wide variety of leading sources. The sales representative that I dealt with at MarketResearch.com was actually more knowledgeable about the report I purchased than the sales people who I spoke with from the firm that actually wrote the report! In the end I found it more effective to deal with MarketResearch.com since they provide an educated perspective and an unbiased opinion regarding which research data sources will best meet my needs."
        - Ian O'Sullivan, Marketing Consultant, Delphos Inc.

        "MarketResearch.com provides our firm with comprehensive, top-line market research reports. It is not uncommon for a project to begin with a call to MarketResearch.com - their combination of breadth and depth offers a great deal of value. The Vitamin, Supplements, and Minerals study that we purchased last year was a great example of how you saved us days of valuable research time. Your general market overviews and data was a great starting point for our analysis."
        - Bill Shen, Swander Pace & Company

        "As a global advertising agency, we always need a large and diverse platform of information, often at a moment's notice. MarketResearch.com is there for us with a comprehensive database covering many industries and geographical markets. Where else are you going to get a quick overview of useful reports, from a large variety of sources, all in one place? I depend on it."
        - Alice Bromley, Senior VP, Director, Information Center DDB Worldwide Communications Group

        We Do Business with the Best in Business

        American Express
        Avon Products
        Bayer Consumer Products
        Booz-Allen & Hamilton
        Bristol-Myers Squibb
        Campbell Soup Company
        The Coca-Cola Company
        DDB Worldwide Communications Group
        Dial Corporation
        Dow Chemical
        Eli Lilly and Company
        General Mills
        GlaxoSmithKline plc
        Harley-Davidson Motor Company
        H. J. Heinz Company
        The Hershey Company
        Johnson & Johnson
        Kellogg Company
        Leo Burnett Agency
        Masterfoods, Inc
        McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals
        Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide
        The Parthenon Group
        Procter & Gamble
        Saatchi & Saatchi
        Walt Disney Company


        Company logo

        MarketResearch.com logo image white background

        Please contact us if you need our logo or other company collateral in different formats.


        Press Contact Information

        MarketResearch.com is a leading source for market data, trends, and analysis in all major industries worldwide. Journalists from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Washington Post, and other leading news sources frequently cite MarketResearch.com in their articles. If you’re looking for general market information or specific data for editorial purposes, please contact us.

        Press Contact:
        Corinne Gangloff

        Press Releases

        Press Release Archives

        Careers at MarketResearch.com

        MarketResearch.com is the world's largest and fastest growing provider of market research. As the single source for continuously updated market intelligence, MarketResearch.com offers more than 400,000 market research reports from over 350 leading global publishers. Our casual yet driven work environment makes us the ideal place for innovation, collaboration, and growth—the hallmarks of our rapid success.

        MarketResearch.com is an employee-friendly and focused company with locations in Rockville, MD (headquarters), New York City, NY, N. Adams, MA, Stamford, CT, and London, England. MarketResearch.com is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

        We offer a competitive salary in addition to a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, 401K, long-term disability, short-term disability, vacation, personal leave, summer hours, etc.

        Please send your cover letter, resume, and salary requirements to: hr@marketresearch.com. No phone calls please.

        Current Job Opportunities

        Currently we have no positions posted. We still encourage you to send your resume to: hr@marketresearch.com. No phone calls please.

        Research Specialists   |   Corporate Offices

        Customer Service

        800.298.5699 (U.S.)
        +1.240.747.3093 (International)




        Contact a Research Specialist

        Our dedicated research specialists bring an unbiased approach to identifying the research you need to make effective strategic decisions.

        Name: Frank Gaines
        Email: fgaines@marketresearch.com
        Direct Line: 240.747.3075

        Name: Russell Eustice
        Email: reustice@marketresearch.com
        Direct Line: 240.747.3071


        Corporate Offices

        Headquarters-Rockville, MD
        6116 Executive Blvd., Suite 550
        Rockville, MD 20852
        240.747.3000 telephone
        240.747.3004 fax

        New York, NY
        237 West 35th Street
        Suite 605
        New York, NY 10001
        212.807.2604 telephone
        212.807.2601 fax

        Cleveland, OH
        767 Beta Drive
        Cleveland, OH 44143
        440.684.9600 telephone
        440.646.0484 fax

        London, UK
        37-39 Lime Street
        London, EC3M 7AY
        +44 207 256 3920 telephone
        +44 207 626 4693 fax




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